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Background of Establishment

The IT environment surrounding us, such as widespread utilization of e-mail, Internet bunking and e-commerce, has become the essential infrastructure for our private life, business activities and various social activities. It is unacceptable such infrastructurized IT environment to stop, and the demand is escalating to realize the "unstoppable service". On the other hand, unauthorized accesses and cyber attacks become diversified and their tricks are growing in sophistication. It is mandatory for the IT system operation to ensure the IT system security as the task of every organization.


Companies set forward the maintenance of the systemic countermeasures, for example, the establishment of the security policies. The security-related operation is one of their objectives. Though, it is not easy for each organization to perform the actual security operation in the current situation. It is partly because of the shortage of the operators with expertise and no concrete index for how and how much to perform the security operation.


For the outsourcing of the security operation, there are also problems such as that the information about the security operation outsourcing service varies from one provider to another, resulting in hardness to compare them uniformly, and that providers have not maintained the criteria to prescribe the content and quality of services.


To improve the current situation and problems of security operation like above, it is need for users and security operation providers to have a common understanding about what the security operation is or should be. And also, it is required to develop various guidelines and indexes to implement.


Unfortunately, there is no occasion to discuss such topics or to find concrete solutions. We, in the view of such facts, establish this organization as the place where the companies currently providing security operation services gather to appeal the need of the security operation to society and to solve various problems.